The Team

Our Durban Team



Aldo Botha –Director / Assessor 

–        Cell:083 390 5003

–        Email:

–        Fax:086 756 0817

Arvin Jagasur –Assessor 

–        Cell:083 449 4140

–        Email:

–        Fax:086 756 0920

Dean Botha –Assessor 

–        Cell:083 258 7609

–        Email:

Banu Mohun –Finance Manager 

–        Cell:083 262 9192

–        Email:

–        Fax:086 756 0905

Nadine Quai –Commercial Claims Manager 

–        Cell:073 346 8845

–        Email:

–        Fax:086 603 5205

Sarika Pitam –Motor Vehicle Claims Manager 


–        Email:

–        Fax:086 756 0909

Zillah –Jane Louwrens –Cape Town  

&Johannesburg Branch Manager


–        Cell:083 262 9090

–        Email:

–        Fax:086 613 3213


CAPE TOWN / JOHANNESBURG –All appointments via Durban Office

Neil –Johannesburg Assessor 

–        Cell:082 877 7946



Warren –Cape Town Assessor 

–        Cell:083 309 6565


–        Fax:086 575 1343

Assessors Profiles

Durban Office

Aldo E. Botha



Heavy Commercial and Motor Vehicle Assessor

Aldo has been involved in the heavy commercial repair industry for the past twenty-five years and has developed a high profile in the industry. With twelve years experience in the day-to-day operation of the truck repair business he has extensive knowledge in accident repairs to heavy commercial vehicles. This includes the costing and sourcing of new,second hand and alternate parts,compiling of repair estimates,workshop and production management,customer liaison and Insurance company liaison.

Aldo is an astute businessman who initially identified a need for a specialist truck and commercial assessment service in Kwa Zulu Natal. With the twelve years experience gained in heavy commercial repair he started A-Z Commercial Vehicle Assessing Services in 2000 and the company has grown and gone from strength to strength since its inception over a decade ago.

Efficient,fair and firm,Aldo has thorough knowledge of the motor assessing industry with the ability to negotiate well at all levels. Aldo has developed a solid reputation in the industry for credibility,honesty and thoroughness. He maintains a hands on approach in respect of all day to day motor vehicle assessments.

Aldo is currently the National President of the Institute of Motor Assessors.


Arvin Jagasur

Heavy Commercial and Motor Vehicle Assessor

Arvin was employed at Clark &Kent a major truck and motor repairer for fifteen years and gained extensive experience in the day-to-day workshop management of the repair process. His experience includes the costing and purchasing of the consumables,new and second hand parts for the repair process. Other relevant experience gained was the monitoring of the job cards,the pricing of parts for the repair estimates and liaison with their clients,Insurers and their Motor Assessors.

With this valuable truck repair experience he joined A-Z Commercial as an Assessor in 2005. Since joining the company he has proved to be a valuable asset by making huge inroads into the vehicle assessing industry and is highly respected by all repairers.


Dean Botha

Motor Vehicle Assessor

Dean was an Investigator for the Durban City Police for eight years and then moved on to becoming Director for the Durban City Council Market Service unit for ten years.

He was employed at A-Z Commercial in 2004 as a trainee Motor Assessor and after four years of extensive in-house training with the company he left and established his own Motor Assessing Company in 2008. He re-joined the company in 2011 and with eight years Motor Assessing experience he heads up the Assessing Service of all light and medium Motor Vehicles for the company.


Cape Town Office

Warren Toms

Heavy Commercial and Motor Vehicle Assessor

Warren started in the motor repair industry in 1995 but only took up an apprenticeship in 2001 as Spray Painter with Dent Magic in Cape Town. After completing his trade test he was offered a better position at Godfreys Panel beaters where he worked for five years.

In 2008 he accepted a Paint Shop Management position at Master Panel Beaters in Montague Gardens. His responsibilities were to manage the day-to-day operation of a busy paint shop. This included the stock control,monitoring and ordering of paints and consumables,quality control and ensuring that there were no delays in production.

He joined A-Z Commercial in 2008 as a trainee Motor Assessor and with extensive in-house training at the Durban Office under the supervision of Aldo Botha,he heads up all Motor Vehicle Assessments in Cape Town.


Johannesburg Office

Neil Aspeling

Heavy Commercial and Motor Vehicle Assessor

After Neil matriculated he completed his studied at the Witswatersrand University in Hospitality Management. He then like most youngsters went to the United Kingdom for two years and upon his was employed at the Emperors Palace in Johannesburg.

In December 2007 he joined A-Z Commercial Assessing as a trainee Motor Assessors and relocated to Durban to undergo in house training under the supervision of Aldo Botha the Managing Director. In July 2008 after an intensive training course for 7 months Neil then relocated to Johannesburg to open the new branch of A-Z.

In April 2009 he resigned and took up a position at Motorite as he believed he also needed to gain valuable mechanical experience as a Claims Agent dealing with Motor Manufacturers Warranty claims.

In March 2010 he re-opened the Johannesburg office as a consultant in a contract with A-Z Motor Vehicle Assessors. Most of the Insurers who did business with the branch are pleased that Neil is back and have started supporting A-Z in the Johannesburg region.